Tosti Consulting Can Help You With Strategic Planning for Your Community Impact Initiative

Want To Accelerate Your Planning With A Proven Process?

Are you needing support with the action planning needed to initiate a grant? Do you want to bring people together to advance a cause or develop a coordinated response?

Whether it is elder abuse, child abuse, homelessness, poverty, transportation or any other aspect that takes many people and diverse organizations to impact the outcome, Tosti Consulting has the right approach to meet your needs. The thoroughness of understanding the issue, the research on best practices, the knowledge of the community and practical recommendations and solutions is what Tosti Consulting does best – because we are passionate and serious about making an impact, improving the community and most importantly, enhancing the lives of those who are in it.

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Tosti Consulting Can Consult With You To Ensure You Can Efficiently Move From Idea, To Plan and then To Action For Your Community Impact Initiative

Know What You Need To Accomplish, But Not Sure Where To Start?

Do you have a process already started and want input on its effectiveness? Do you work with older adults and want to improve the services for them? Do you have a loved one that you are worried about and are concerned they are being abused?

Tosti Consulting has worked with the Memphis/Shelby County community for over 10 years and knows the social service providers, law enforcement and other government officials in responding to elder abuse. There is no easy solution but doing nothing is a helpless feeling when there is legitimate concern of abuse. Contact Tosti Consulting for a free, no obligation, initial consultation to determine if more can be done.

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Patti Tosti, President of Tosti Consulting, Conducting Training on Elder Abuse Prevention

Need To Elevate The Knowledge & Skill Level Of Your Team?

Coming Soon! This content is in development. Contact us directly to discuss the specific needs of your organization.

Training & workshops customized to apply to the unique situations faced by non-profit organizations, governmental entities, health care facilities, universities, social workers, law enforcement, prosecutors, academics, churches and communities organizations
Understanding, Recognizing and Responding to Elder Abuse.

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Need An Impactful Speaker For Your Next Event?

Patti Tosti is the Founder and President of Tosti Consulting, Inc., which specializes in enabling groups of stakeholders to develop actionable solutions to improve their communities. In both a nod to her last name and to her company’s mission, “TOSTI” stands for “Team Organized Solutions To Improve [communities]”.

Patti has over 10 years of project management experience with grant-funded organizations and over 12 years of social work practice. Additionally, Patti is skilled at mobilizing and coordinating a variety of stakeholders, both locally and nationally, to address gaps, create actionable solutions and build new programs and platforms to transform communities.

Patti is passionate about catalyzing fundamental change and driving meaningful impact at the system level. The cornerstone to her work is in aligning key stakeholders and working to build bridges that transform theoretical concepts into practical outcomes.

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