See What Other Community Leaders Say About Patti

Having worked with Patti close to 10 years, I consider her expertise in bringing people together and working toward a common goal exemplary.

Her implementation report on elder abuse demonstrates that she is able to listen and understand the needs of the various agencies in the community and decipher the gaps in services to create a better, more aligned, system. Even while doing this, she always has the needs of the victim at the forefront of what she recommends.

Patti has a genuine heart and unique gift with managing opposing perspectives and has been an asset to Memphis and Shelby County.

I had the privilege of working with Patti Tosti on an county-wide initiative to address elder abuse in Shelby County, Tennessee. The goal was to identify the needs of the community in regards to elder abuse, what services agencies could provide and how agencies could collaborate to fill in the gaps. Patti submitted a proposal for the development of a Coordinated Community Response to Elder Abuse that resulted in funding by The Plough Foundation for a three year period.

Patti’s organizational skills, ability to analyze data and presentation skills were apparent during this process. Patti provided critical leadership for the first year of the program and was adept at keeping the group focused, organized and continued to remind us to remain victim focused.

It is difficult to lead representatives from over 20 organizations into a collaboration without drama and animosity, but Patti succeeded. Her passion and compassion were evident throughout the process. Patti’s knowledge, technical skills and determination will be an asset to any organization or projects in the future.

Melanie A. Keller, President/CEO, Meritan, Inc.
Patti is an advocate, a facilitator, a counselor and bridge builder. In everything she does, she works towards making our community a better place for our seniors. Patti’s no-nonsense style brought several government and non-profit agencies together in an unprecedented effort to collaborate on identifying challenges facing our aging populations and to develop working solutions for those challenges. I can honestly say that all of these dialogues could not have occurred without Patti’s dogged and tireless efforts. So far, Patti is the only person I’ve seen who refuses to be hindered by the inevitable red-tape and bureaucratic nonsense from those who resist change. The words “we can’t do that” are an anathema to her. She has and will find solutions to both short and long term problems with an eye towards systemic change.
Carrie Shelton Bush
It is and has been a pleasure working with Patti for over the past 9 years to address Elder Abuse in Memphis and Shelby County.

To say that we are better (regarding the fight against Elder Abuse) because of her is an understatement. Her vision and accomplishments within our community are an aspiration. Her strategic planning in the creation of action steps to attack the problem of Elder Abuse has been exemplary. She has been an asset in identifying and helping to close the many gaps in services to Elder Abuse victims. She has been instrumental in opening the lines of communication between so many of the social services, law enforcement, legal, and medical agencies that either investigate and or provide services to victims of Elder abuse.

It has been very rewarding for me to work with Patti on the Plough/CREA Grant Project, the Department of Justice Grant to train Law Enforcement on Elder Abuse Investigations and Elder Support and Protection Resources (ESPR), and Patti’s passion and dedication to resolutions pertaining to issues of elder abuse is extremely tangible.

I believe that Patti still has many more great ideas and strategies in her vision to reduce the risk of Elder Abuse in the City of Memphis, Tennessee.

“It is my pleasure to share with you the direct experience I have had with Patti Tosti and Tosti Consulting. As the Plough Foundation launched a historic emphasis on aging, Patti Tosti was retained to analyze the capacity of non-profits in the area serving the elderly and facilitate a multi-day, multi-agency planning session to develop the vision, mission and primary objectives of a coordinated community response to elder abuse. Patti was extremely thorough in her research and interviews of the relevant organizations. Patti’s seasoned facilitation skills reached a consensus on the vision, mission and primary objectives and she drafted a comprehensive and detailed plan to implement the coordinated community response to elder abuse, including crafting a three-year budget. This plan was later funded by the Foundation Board of Trustees with a $3.5 million grant.

Finally, we contracted with Patti Tosti to launch the coordinated community response to elder abuse. Patti’s role was to serve as director of a loose confederation of agencies who had received a portion of the $3.5 million to implement strategies to respond to elder abuse. She convened, trained and led the community response in a way that resulted in cohesiveness and cooperation among agencies and resulted in positive results for victims of elder abuse. Patti has a unique capability to see not only the long term vision, but the short term steps needed to reach the longer term goal.

I can unequivocally attest to high-level of skill and ability of Patti Tosti in the areas of strategic planning, data collection and analysis, large and small group facilitation, budgeting and team building.”

As a testimonial to her experience in working closely with Patti on several projects, including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded, Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) initiative, Renee shares the following insights regarding the quality of Patti’s work product:

“Patti is driven by creating solutions to complex community issues and is a hands-on, get-it-done professional. Patti is well organized and demonstrates exceptional project management skills, with a true talent for detail.”